How To Make Snowman In Simple Steps From The Trousers

Let’s collect trousers to make some lovely snowmans in order to decorate the room to welcome Christmas! How to make snowman easily below!




Preparing these tools

– White, red and blue trousers.
– Stuffed cotton
– Pebble (or plastic beads)
– Beads, buttons
– Sewing needles, color threads

How to make snowman from the trousers step by step

Step 1

You get the white cotton socks, cut into the three parts of your sock feet, sock ankles and sock heels to make the top hat. Taking the sock ankle that was sewn to one side end to stuffed absortben cotton inside.




Step 2

Next, you put the pebbles on the foot and stuffed into the inside. Tightening the top of the head to make the snowman body and then stuffed the inside of the ankle stitch sealed the snowman.



Note: You make the head be smaller than the body!

Step 3

– Cutting the trouser ankle above the heel of the sarong with the pattern of Christmas trees. Flipping the left side and sewing the line just fixed the cut and then turn the face to do Santa Claus hat.

– You cut a circle from the heel of the white socks and sew the small round member to the top hat.



Step 4

From the red socks, you cut along the length from the soles of the feet to the sock ankles, stitching the lines and flipping them out into the long strips to make the snowman shawl.




Step 5

Wearing a hat and wearing the shawl for snowman.



Step 6

Finally, you sew a smile with red thread, enclose two black buttons for eyes and sew two daisies underneath the snowman body is completed.




How to make snowman so simple, isn’t it? The lovely white snowman has finished it!

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