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A home equity loan is a special type of financing in which the basis for the assistance is a mortgage of the building, apartment or construction plot.

Loans guaranteed for demanding clients


Customer safety and protection, which results from the Act, is meticulously observed, and what will follow every borrower before signing the loan agreement has the opportunity to read the content of the contract and submit an inquiry to clarify the more “complicated” points of the contract.

The application must specify your needs and a realistic repayment plan and information about the property that will protect the loan. Loans underneath pledge of real estate granted through our company are concluded on the basis of a contract, which is read and accepted by the notary public.

Realistic repayment plan and information about the property

Realistic repayment plan and information about the property

Money-back loans are an institution that has decided on a pioneering and modern system in the field of debt relief by mortgage loans, i.e. We will conclude a loan agreement for a property in a notary’s office and withdraw cash.

Your own mortgage loan does not seem more expensive than a bank loan, because we have increased credit risk, but also available to almost any person. Loan for those in debt – a special offer of a private loan against real estate, especially in the recovery of bankruptcy estate from a trustee.

Loans against real estate

Loans against real estate

The flat deals with providing financing to companies and individuals by granting non-bank loans, except for this is a form of obtaining capital for people with a negative credit history, or who do not have documented earnings statements, at the same time having the possibility and a loan repayment plan, procedure obtaining loans is simple and takes place without leaving your home, we offer you a product that supplements a niche in the industry, which is much more accessible than a bank loan and at the same time just as safe!

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